Recruiting the right staff person for a position is a matter of thoughtful planning and clear communication. These tips will help your program recruit and hire the best people to lead your summer program.

Leverage School Partnerships

  • If your program recruits students from local schools, ask school administrators to recommend teaching staff candidates, especially if your program focuses on academic outcomes.
  • Place staff recruitment materials (see next bullet) in the teacher’s lounge or in teacher mailboxes.

Targeted Recruitment Materials

  • Create a flyer to post at local schools, or to disseminate through your organization’s hiring, e-newsletter and/or social media channels. Check out a sample staff recruitment flyer for ideas for your program’s outreach to candidates.
  • Ensure the flyer is easy to read, well organized, and highlights aspects of the program that are beneficial for teachers (i.e. professional development opportunities, etc.).
  • Include contact information or a link to apply.

Job Description

Site coordinators are the lead staff for program management and daily operations. This position works closely with senior leadership and program staff to ensure program goals are met. The details of this position vary by site context.


See this sample site coordinator job description for sample duties and qualifications. This sample description assumes the site coordinator is an instructional leader on site, and works in conjunction with a lead enrichment staff person. The details of this position can be customized per site context and per site goals.


If your site includes academic instruction, consider hiring certified academic teachers and paraprofessionals. A sample teacher job description can be found here, and check out here for a sample paraprofessional job description.


In job descriptions, be sure to include information pertaining to:

  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Schedule
  • Qualifications/requirements
  • Payment information
  • Necessary contract to ensure roles/responsibilities are fulfilled

Terms of Employment

Create a clear and concise document outlining guidelines for teacher hiring, oversight and supervision, to inform program hiring and to include in hiring materials.


Consider including topics such as:

  • The individual to whom teachers directly report
  • The individual(s) responsible for tracking teachers’ work hours
  • Staff attendance policy, complete with policy for missing work days
  • Required dates for orientation, workshops and/or trainings (in spring and summer)
  • Schedule for teacher pay (bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Attach job description, outlining roles/responsibilities