Where can I access my PRISM

At the end of each data collection round, your complete PRISM will be sent to you via email. If you did not receive a PRISM, or would like to access previous years’ PRISMs, please contact Lisa Gomi Hui at lghui@bostonbeyond.org.

How do I get involved in a Boston Beyond initiative

Contact Lisa Gomi Hui at lghui@bostonbeyond.org to learn more about what’s involved with our initiatives, and if your program is a good fit.

What evaluation tools are used in Boston Beyond’s initiatives

Boston Beyond uses a combination of program quality and youth outcome tools through our research partners, the PEAR Institute and the National Institute on Out-of-School Time. The combination of these tools that your program uses will depend on your interest and capacity. To learn more about the tools, see our Measurement home page.

Do I have to become a certified observer to join Boston Beyond’s initiatives

We encourage each of our partner organizations to have at least one BASB certified observer on staff. This is especially true if the organization’s programs hope to incorporate the Assessment of Program Practices Observation Tool (APT) in their evaluation work. However, you are not required to become a certified observer in order to join the initiatives.

What is the cost to participate

Boston Beyond provides evaluation tools in-kind to program partners, so there is no direct program cost to participate.

What is measured through Boston Beyond’s initiatives

To understand our community’s scope and impact, program partners track youth enrollment and daily attendance through the Cityspan Provider database. Programs also have the opportunity to measure aspects of their program quality including organization and structure, social-emotional environment, and youth engagement in activities. If programs are currently measuring program quality, they may use tools that measure skill outcomes in the youth they serve. To learn more about what is measured, see our Measurement and ACT Framework pages.

Questions about Cityspan? Click here.