When partnerships require parties to co-develop and co-deliver programming, program work plans are essential to delineating roles/responsibilities; ensuring implementation meets outcome goals; and identifying areas for technical assistance in advance of program start.


Need some sample questions to get your program work plan template started? Check out this resource here.


When developing your program work plan template, consider these items:

  • Clearly spell out goals/requirements and ask program leaders to detail their implementation approach
  • Content areas of focus include: Daily Schedule, Program Content, Student Registration & Retention (attendance, engagement, etc.), Staff Hiring (including asking for detailed job descriptions), Training/Coaching (detailing required attendance at centralized training sessions, plus how leaders plan to provide additional training and technical assistance to staff on their own), and Calendar of planning activities.
  • Detail how partnership programming will be evaluated and have staff agree to these protocols in advance of start date.
  • Include a deadline for submission and signature page. Consider having multiple rounds of submission to prioritize certain questions for review before full implementation occurs. Consider having representatives from each partnering party sign the submission (example: a community non-profit staff person and a school principal)
  • Have a small leadership group review the work plans and provide feedback to program sites before summer programming begins. This group should have a guide for assessing the work plans, like this one.