Relationships refers to positive, supportive connections with friends, classmates, and adults. Social Awareness is the ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others and to understand social and ethical norms for behavior. Relationships/Social Awareness is closely linked with the other Connecting Skills: Communication and Teamwork.


Program practices related to this skill:

  • Youth listen to each other (e.g., show interest, ask follow up questions); Youth cooperate with each other (e.g., share materials/space, help each other, take turns, compromise); Youth are kind and respectful of each other and treat each other as individuals and equals (e.g., playful banter is always good natured).
  • Staff engage in friendly verbal exchanges with the youth. Staff show interest in youth as individuals (e.g., staff make a point of connecting with youth—talk about youth’s interests, solicit youth’s thoughts/opinions on a topic).

For more examples of program practices that help intentionally build Connecting Skills, please view this document.