During the 2016-2017 school year, Boston After School & Beyond piloted a new Observer Certification Training. With an Observer Certification from Boston Beyond, program staff can:


  • Confidently observe and assess their own program using the Assessment of Program Practices Tool (APT).
  • Join a cohort of trained individuals that observe and assess programs in Boston Beyond’s collective impact initiatives.
  • See best practices in action throughout Boston, and network with fellow professionals in the field.


Boston Beyond’s Certified Observer Training is a three step process:


  • Step 1: Complete a self-paced online orientation to the APT.
  • Step 2: Practice the APT in a familiar setting. Report practice ratings to Boston Beyond and NIOST.
  • Step 3: Visit and observe another program in Boston Beyond’s network in tandem with a NIOST master observer. Compare assessment ratings with the master observer.


To become a Certified Program Observer through Boston After School & Beyond, fill out this form. A great opportunity to see best practices in action and build your professional network.