After reviewing your data, there are several next steps that you can engage in to ensure your data is being put to use to improve your program practice and maintain areas of strength.



  • Attend a data debrief presentation by Boston After School & Beyond to get the full context and interpretation of the cohort-wide results.
  • Attend an Action Planning session with the PEAR Institute to go from visioning to planning for improvement that puts social-emotional skill development at the forefront of achieving your program’s goals for youth. Obtain resources to help you facilitate action planning with your full staff, learn more about best practices for social-emotional skill development, and get access to a Social-Emotional Learning Observation Rubric that you can use for planning, training, and internal staff performance review.
  • Attend professional development and peer-learning opportunities through Boston After School & Beyond to learn and share strategies for program practice and youth skill development.


  • Develop an Action Plan for Improvement and follow through on it with your staff. If you run into any issues, reach out to the PEAR Institute or BASB.
  • Review the measurement tools in detail for a wealth of best practices in the areas of practice that appear on your PRISM. If you need access to the tools, contact BASB’s Director of Measurement.
  • Visit the Insight Center to read up on best practices, review case studies from your peers, and get access to materials from events.


  • Become a certified third-party observer through Boston After School & Beyond to gain a deeper understand of the APT tool, visit and observer other programs in action, and build your knowledge and experience in youth development.
  • Network with your peers in the community of practice, either at BASB facilitated events or through your own connections.
  • Volunteer to share best practices on the Insight Center or at a BASB facilitated event.

Reach out to BASB’s Director of Measurement and/or Data Fellow with any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback.


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