“Engagement” indicates keeping parents/students who have registered (for example, registered in May for summer programming) engaged to ensure they will show up on Day 1.

Formal Written Communication

  • Newsletters: these could include countdowns to program start date, reminders, event calendar, and answers to frequently asked questions (Newsletter template – coming soon!)
  • Flyers: send home full color flyers with pictures of last summer’s program, student quotes, contact information, and the program start date (Program Flyer template – coming soon!)
  • Personal letters/notes: handwritten letters may be a good way of connecting with hard-to-reach parents
  • Birthday and/or Holiday Cards (Birthday Card template – coming soon!)
    • Cards should be personalized, and either handed to students or mailed to students’ homes
    • Possible holidays to consider: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Memorial Day
  • Emails: duplicate any flyers or notes sent home via email; email can also be a tool for answering parent questions and sending event invitations.
  • Direct postal mailings: important programmatic materials can be sent via mail.


  • Informal check-ins: program staff can use pick up and drop off times at school (or afterschool program) to check-in with students and parents
  • Parent-teacher conferences can be utilized to remind parents about the summer program
  • Check-in phone calls: these can come administrative or program staff and should remind parents of the summer program and answer any questions
  • Text messages: send brief reminders to parents through text, such as program start day and what to bring for Day 1 of programming

Fun incentives

The fun incentives to remind students about Day 1 – See #7. SLP Logo. This logo was placed on T-shirts provided to students and also placed on sunglasses provided to students in spring (before Day 1 of summer programming). To remind them about Day 1 and build excitement.