For programs using the Survey on Academic and Youth Outcomes, Teacher version (SAYO T), Cityspan will be a hub for survey administration and management. The Teacher Surveys module in the database allows programs to automatically distribute the surveys to relevant staff, keep track of survey completion, and see participant-level assessment results in real time. 


This tool is only used by programs at the Youth Outcomes Membership Level and the Badging Membership Level.


Step 1: Inputting Attendance for the SAYO T

At least one present record is required for the SAYO Teacher survey to be completed on a youth participant. As such, input a few days of program attendance prior to beginning SAYO T administration.


Step 2: Adding Educators for SAYO T Administration

Enter the educators  that will be completing the SAYO T for your program. These should be the program staff that know or will know the student best. You will need the educators’ first and last name and primary email address for successful administration.


Step 3: Assigning Students to Educators

Students can be assigned to the teachers that will assess them with the SAYO T. A single educator can complete the SAYO T on multiple youth, but multiple teachers cannot be assigned the same student.


Step 4: Sending SAYO T to Educators

After setting up administration, the SAYO T can automatically be sent to educators in Cityspan. Make sure you let educators know to expect an email from

Step 5: Tracking SAYO T Administration Progress

Manage and track SAYO T administration progress in real time and directly through Cityspan.


Bonus Step: Viewing Individual SAYO T Results

View SAYO T results on a student-by-student basis via their participant profile.


Introduction to the SAYO T for Program Staff

Here is a quick video on what to expect from the SAYO T for program staff: