The Cityspan database is one tool Boston After School & Beyond’s program partners will leverage throughout their data collection and program evaluation process. The database currently houses almost three years of data from 80 organizations serving the City of Boston. A citywide hub for youth participation, survey, and assessment data, Cityspan is a valuable resource for Boston Beyond and its partners alike.

Cityspan builds program capacity to:

  • Track participant data including attendance, assessments, and demographics alongside program quality data.
  • Generate a variety of reports that support day-to-day operations, benchmark programs against citywide data, and communicate results to partners, boards, and funders.
  • Administer staff surveys to assess participant skill development, and award digital badges to youth who have shown achievement or growth in certain social-emotional skills.

Using Cityspan can be broken down into four central activities. Entering enrollment and attendance, tracking youth outcomes with the SAYO T, recognizing student success with digital badges, and reporting for program development. In the pages that follow, providers will find the necessary resources and training to use Cityspan to its full potential in these activities. 

The Cityspan Guide will walk you through each step of the set-up process, as will the video tutorials below.