This toolkit is intended to support communicators in framing the issues that surround STEM learning in both formal and informal learning contexts.


It includes three main types of content:

  • Communications guides, intended as “job aids” to be used while crafting communications that align with FrameWorks research.
  • Sample communications, intended to be used in external communications. These include annotations that unpack the framing strategy being illustrated, so that the recommendations can be extended to new communications.
  • Links to research reports, intended to be used as reference material.

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Users are encouraged to borrow the language in sample communications verbatim if desired– no citation or special permissions are needed – and also to feel free to adapt the examples to the immediate needs of a local communications context.


For 15 years, FrameWorks Institute research has demonstrated that effective communications can help activate the public’s engagement with complex social issues – such as the education reforms needed to meet the demands of a complex and changing world. This toolkit is based on the findings of the Core Story of Education initiative, a multi-method research project which queried the thinking of over 35,000 Americans.


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