Boston Public Schools Science Department

The Boston Public Schools (BPS) Science Department’s website provides a wide range of resources and content to support high quality science instruction that can be adapted in any learning environment.


Science and Engineering Practices Resources

Through the Science and Engineering Practices page on BPS’s Science Department website, you’ll find helpful professional development and instructional leadership resources specific to science practices and the MA STE framework.


BPS Science Practices Online PD Modules

These ten online professional development modules can help educators learn about science practices and integrate them into instruction.


Science and Engineering Practices: Can I? Did I?

Created by the BPS Science Department, with the support of teachers and others, this tool offers a set of guiding questions aligned with each practice and based on Appendix F of NGSS and the NGSS@NSTA Practices Progression Matrix.


Essentials for Instructional Equity

Boston Public Schools’ Essentials for Instructional Equity provides tools and resources aligned with 4 research-based competencies that are critical to creating safe and supportive learning environments for 21st century students, including: