Assessing Science Practices

Written by Pam Pelletier, Director of K-12 Science & Technology/Engineering at Boston Public Schools, in collaboration with Katherine L. McNeill and Rebecca Katsh-Singer, this article discusses assessment strategies to help STEM educators gauge students’ abilities to engage with the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices. The article offers a simple SciencePractices Continuum Assessment tool to aid in informal, embedded assessment, and potential instructional activities to support two practices, engaging in argument from evidence and constructing explanations.


BPS Science and Engineering Practices Progression for Students and Families

Created by the BPS Science Department, this document breaks down each of the eight scienceand engineering practices outlined by the Next Generation Science Standards into a series of questions that can be used to help teachers, students, and families understand what competency in each practice looks like. Each practice is divided by grade level to help teachers understand how students at various ages should engage with them.